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These high lathering, long lasting, moisturizing Goat Milk Soaps are made the way your great-grandmother might have done! We use only natural fats and oils along with the rich milk from our Nubian dairy goats to make every bar of our soap. The colors are natural too, all results of the natural botanicals and small amounts of high quality pure essential oils used for scenting. Our soap is made by heating (hot-process) which cooks off the lye that is used in ALL methods of soap making. This creates a creamy bar that is ready to use immediately, no cure time! We add our milk in at the end to minimize it's heating, exposure to lye and to preserve the natural fats in the milk so they are available to nourish your skin!

All of our soap is made with food grade coconut, grape seed and soy oils, water, goats milk, food grade lye and lightly fragranced using natural botanicals and occasionally very small amounts of amounts of high quality, 100% pure essential oils. All this goodness results in a luxurious bar of soap with a mild scent, that nourishes your skin while it cleanses. All bars weigh approximatelty 6oz and are soft enough you may cut them in half easily if you have need for a smaller travel size bar.

Old Fashion Goat Milk Soap

Old Fashion Goat Milk Soap

These high lathering, long lasting, moisturizing Goat Milk Soaps are available in seven different fragrances. We use only natural botanicals and/or small amoints of 100% pure essential oils for fragrancing and a few have no essential oil at all!...

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